T5 Thermal®
Handheld Thermal Imaging


Integrated Technology Systems has developed an exciting new Law Enforcement handheld thermal camera to enhance officer safety and increase criminal apprehension. Current conditions require most agencies to utilize Fire Department's handheld thermal products which results in loss of time allowing for the criminal to avoid capture and is not designed for law enforcement needs.

T5 Handheld Thermal

T5 Thermal® Features:

  • audio/video recording
  • still image captures
  • infra-red lighting for covert searches
  • single handed operation
  • strobe and siren alerts
  • 1500 lumens lighting system
Micro Evidence Recovery
Suspect Tracking
Evidence Recovery

T5 Thermal® is an indispensible tool when utilized for searches, foot pursuit, surveillance, K9 tracking and locating missing persons.


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Light Wall™
Ballistic Shield Lighting System


Integrated Technology Systems in concert with the Swat Team"Black Cats" have developed a new ballistic shield light system. The new Light Wall™ Ballistic Shield Light provides much more illumination than any other system available. Combine the brightness with a flexible, modular design and there is no competition to the Light Wall™.

Link multiple units together to increase intensity, providing a virtual wall of light. Also available with the Light Wall™ is a screamer module. This can be placed in line with the light modules providing a deafening siren adding to confusion and further pushing the initiative into hands of the officer.

Light Wall Ballistic Shield Light

Light Wall™ Benefits

  • overpowering illuminocity
  • debilitating audio
  • long runtime
  • quick release
  • modular
Micro Evidence Recovery
Suspect Tracking
Evidence Recovery

Light Wall™ is the only truly modular ballistic shield lighting system designed from the ground up with the officer in mind. The system was beta tested with a local SWAT team and improved upon with their feedback.

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Integrated technology Systems introduce the OS-2 Officer Survival Shield

ITS is dedicated to providing law enforcement products that improve safety and survivability including shields, clipboards and protective panels.

Click Ballistic Shields & Clipboards to see more information and buy.


Integrated technology Systems picks up Hardwire Armor Products

Hardwire has a great history developing armor products for the military. ITS is now representing their law enforcement products including shields, clipboards and protective panels.


Light Wall™ takes three direct rounds and continues to function!

Local SWAT Team fires rounds at the Light Wall™ to test the products durability. It took a direct round to one emitter and continued to function on the other.


T5 Thermal® in the Barrow County Chamber of Commerce.

ITS and the T5 Thermal® are in the Chambering Magazine with a two page company and product profile.

Chamber Periodical


Don't leave your best protection at the door…Bring it inside with you!

-NTOA Ballistic Shield Article


Integrated Technology Systems brings to the market a new ballistic shield light that outshines the competition. Go to www.bclightwall.com for details.